Peace Café, Brac University has Celebrated IWD-2022 with International Students of BracU

Peace Café, Brac University has Celebrated International Women’s Day by participating in an interactive dialogue organized by international students of BracU.

Special thanks to Friba Kaiwan for taking the lead in organizing the event successfully.

Wasema Farzana , Vice President, Peace Cafe Brac University, and Mashaekh Hassan, Volunteer member, Peace Cafe Brac University have represented Peace Cafe through walking the audiences into the prior events and their two distinctive projects Sporshok-স্পর্শক , Paper Cranes of Venus where they have worked with women both from relatively privileged and underprivileged community to empower each other.

They have shared their contributions to #BreakTheBias through their recent actions from the events and the projects.

We believe, empowerment comes from the inside and we are endeavoring to contribute to rediscovering, reshaping ourselves through our actions and contributions to the community for a better Bangladesh!

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