Centre for Peace and Justice Introduced Peace Café, BRACU to Pharmacy Students of Brac University

Peace Café, Brac University team introduced the wonderful activities of the Peace Café Initiatives in Bangladesh. Professor Dr. Eva R. Kabir, Dean at School of Pharmacy, Professor Dr. Hasina Yasmin, Deputy Chair at School of Pharmacy at Brac University, other faculty members and students of pharmacy attended the event.

Ms. Nahin Rahman, Communications Specialist of CPJ, BracU moderated the event. Ms. Namara Marium Chowdhury Lecturer & Program Coordinator of School of Pharmacy, BracU started the event by delivering the welcome address by the School of Pharmacy.

Md. Wahidul Islam, Communications Officer at CPJ, Brac University shared the background, broad objectives, key achievements and activities of the Women Peace Café. He said it was built to increase the capacity of young students on social entrepreneurial skills and civic engagements of the students for promoting peace and social cohesion through the generous support from the Centre for Peace and Justice and UN Women. Peace Café members were given seed funds to implement their innovative ideas and organize seminar, workshop, Peace Addas (Peace Adda), competitions both online and offline. They also organised awareness raising campaign on COVID-19 response in vulnerable communities and reaching youth across the country.

Tahmina Akter Habiba, President of Peace Café, Brac University, Wasema Farzana, Vice- President of Peace Café, BracU and Peace Volunteer Iffat Ara Bristy shared there ‘Experience of Women Peace Ambassador Initiative and it’s Practice’ under the Peace Café platform.

Nilufa Sultana Sheta, Programme Coordinator at CPJ, Brac University appreciated the wonderful activities of the Peace Café’s team and way forward for the peace café initiative. She said, this Cafés will work as a knowledge hub of civic/community engagement and experiential learning for students in promoting peace, social cohesion & open society in Bangladesh & South Asia. She also added that this initiative by CPJ transformed the beneficiaries into change makers for building a just, peaceful and inclusive societies.

Ms. Namara Marium Chowdhury drew the Closing Remarks on behalf of the School of Pharmacy.

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